42" TFT Medical video monitor

Olorin MedicLine ML420D is a high quality monitor built to meet the high demands set within medical video. ML420D use a advanced video chip
that can handle and adjust both picture orientation and scaling in order to keep sharpness and image quality intact. Such an area of use would be connection to endoscopy equipment where it's very important to have a deep color range and preserved image orientation and quality.

In addition to the more common video inputs S-video or Composite and standard monitor connections, analog (VGA) and digital (DVI), there is
also RGBS, HDMI and HD-SDI. Some of these video signals can be looped and transferred on with the quality staying intact. ML420D has a high quality HD-SDI input that support the following standards: SMPTE 425M,SMPTE292M, 3G/HD/SD-SDI. ML420D is certified accordingly to the EN60601-1 medical approval.